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by 바람 posted Feb 23, 2016


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PRO-DENTAL LAB… Ultimate Quality & Superior Craftsmanship Pro-Dental laboratory was established by Gilbert Shin (LDT, CDT) in Los Angeles, California on January 2, 1981. He has been operating dental lab in L.A. and San Diego area for nearly 25 years. Then he moved to Connecticut from California in 1997 and opened the Pro-Dental Laboratory in Norwalk, Connecticut, which has served doctors in that area for the past 11years. Before he came to United States, He first established Ban Do Dental Laboratory in June of 1976 in Seoul, Korea. Quality and superb craftsmanship are the concepts and Motto of Pro-Dental Laboratories have been established. The finest grade of porcelain is used in serving our dentists. With over 3 decades year of experience in the technical field specializing in P. F. M., ALL Types of Cosmetic (E-MAX, CAD-CAM, PROCERA, ZIRCONIA), IMPLANT, CAPTEK. Ultimate Quality and Superior Craftsmanship are the end results of all Pro-Dental cases. Speed and while maintaining precision are the appreciable, attributes of this progressive organization. In this era of advanced technologies, Pro-Dental stands out as a one of the superior craftsmanship in the art of advanced dental technology. The increase in demand for customized technical service. We are proud to announce the establishment of our Primary Dental Laboratory locally here in the New York. To experience the Ultimate Quality and Superior Craftsmanship Please contact Pro-Dental Laboratory at (212)245-1838